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Hawaii State Center for Nursing

2528 McCarthy Mall
Webster Hall 432
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 - Map -

Ph: (808) 956-5211
Fax: (808) 956-3257


Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission To assure that the State of Hawaii has the nursing resources necessary to meet the health care needs of its people.


Our Vision The Hawaii State Center for Nursing will be a nationally recognized leader in workforce planning, nursing research, and professional practice. Stakeholders will recognize the Center as the source of reliable information on existing and emerging trends in nursing. The Center will be viewed as a dynamic and respected champion for the nursing profession and will have the trust of all stakeholders. Thinking strategically, acting collaboratively, and seeking synergistic solutions will be hallmarks of the Center.

Our Mandates The Hawaii State Center for Nursing was established by the Hawaii State Legislature in 2003 "to address nursing workforce issues" (Act 198, HB 422).

[304D-3] Functions of the Center

The center for nursing shall:
(1) Collect and analyze data and prepare and disseminate written reports and recommendations regarding the current and future status and trends of the nursing workforce;
(2) Conduct research on best practices and quality outcomes;
(3) Develop a plan for implementing strategies to recruit and retain nurses; and
(4) Research, analyze, and report data related to the retention of the nursing workforce.


Core Values Acknowledging that Nursing is an independent profession whose focus is on the recipients of care and their optimal level of wellness, the Hawaii State Center for Nursing holds the following values:


Excellence. We value excellence in the provision of evidence based nursing practice.

Accessibility. We value accessibility to quality nursing care for the people of Hawaii.

Collaboration. We value collaboration within the nursing profession, our community and state in the spirit of consensus building an teamwork.

Innovation. We value innovation and creativity that leads to the development of ideas that ensure the best possible delivery of care.

Cultural Diversity. We value a professional workforce that respects and reflects our culturally diverse population.

Education. We value the knowledge and experience gained through all levels of nursing education and life-long learning.



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