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Hawaii State Center for Nursing

2528 McCarthy Mall
Webster Hall 432
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822 - Map -

Ph: (808) 956-5211
Fax: (808) 956-3257


History of HSCFN

Our Center has an illustrious history which began in 1996 when Hawai`i was one of 20 sites nationwide to receive funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the initiative, Colleagues in Caring.  In Hawai`i, it was called the Community Initiative on Nursing in Hawai`i (CINH) and has resulted in ongoing work to forecast the supply of nurses for our state.  The efforts of the many individuals involved in the work of CINH have resulted in a solid foundation for the Center which is positioned to become a powerful catalyst for change.  The Center serves as an infrastructure to bridge the various worlds of practice, policy, education and research.  Data will be utilized to inform and support strategic, statewide workforce development.

As the hub of statewide strategic planning and data collection, the Center supports proactive workforce planning; fosters recruitment initiatives; and evaluates and disseminates strategies that will lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and improved retention among nurses.  The Center will build coalitions across the broad spectrum of stakeholders in our state and will facilitate the efforts of the many individuals and groups already involved.


Center established by the Legislature:  ACT 198, HB 422



Advisory Board appointed by Governor Linda Lingle

Joan White elected Board Chair

Organizational structure established

Strategic plan finalized

Collaborated with and partially funded the Hawai’i Nursing Shortage        Task Force on “Hawai’i’s Health in the Balance:  A Report on the State of the Nursing Workforce”

Collaborated with the Hawai’i Nursing Shortage Task Force on “Fact Sheet, Nursing Workforce Shortage:  Education and Capacity”

Published Annual Report


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