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Collaborative Work Groups



Dates of Meetings
Meets on Monday four times per year, 4:00-5:30 pm, UHSONDH

Focus of Workgroup
Become an information resource that addresses trends and status of the nursing workforce


Goals of Workgroup
- Conduct an annual survey of educational programs and publish a comprehensive annual report on educational capacity
- Develop and conduct a demand survey of Hawaii’s hospitals and agencies
- Develop and conduct a RN workforce survey
- Develop and conduct forecast projections for the state
- Publish a report on the nursing shortage in Hawai’i


Update on Projects
- Education Capacity survey 2004-05 report published
- Education Capacity survey 2005-06 in analysis phase
- Demand survey distributed to hospitals, long term care, home care, hospice, community, public health and military
- RN Turnover Survey in analysis phase

- RN Workforce Survey 2007 to begin



Strategic Plan 2007 - 2010 <click here>

Dates of Meetings
2nd Thursday of the month, 3:00-5:00 pm, UHSONDH with focus on developing and implementing a Strategic Plan to Integrate Education and Practice


4th Tuesday of the month, 4:30-6:00pm, UHSONDH with focus on designing a residency/transition model to enhance success of new graduate RNs

Focus of Workgroup
Facilitate innovations in education and practice to assure an adequate supply of well educated and competent nurses


Goals of Workgroup
- Conduct a longitudinal survey of new graduate RNs during their first five years of employment
- Convene a Summit for nurses in education and practice to focus on integration, collaboration and community partnerships
- Conduct focus groups with staff, managers and educators to talk about critical issues in education/practice


Update on Projects
- Summit on Education/Practice held on March, 2006.  Subcommittees established to address recommendations

- Five Year Longitudinal Survey of New Graduate RNs being conducted

- Focus groups conducted with Chief Nursing Executives

- Strategic Plan to Integrate Education and Practice finalized, March, 2007

- New graduate residency/transition program in design phase
- Statewide Career Fair in planning stages



Dates of Meetings
Meetings scheduled as needed

Focus of Workgroup
Enhance the diversity of the nursing workforce and promote the image of nursing as a desirable profession and one that is central to the health care system

Goals of Workgroup
- Align with existing community groups which are promoting healthcare careers and provide resources for e-mentoring, shadowing and guest speakers
- Focus on increasing ethnic and gender diversity in the nursing workforce
- Develop a campaign to promote a positive image of nursing

Update on Projects
- Working with ISIS Hawaii to extend e-mentoring opportunities in high schools
- Designing recruitment/image campaign including redesign of website and brochure for registered nurses



Dates of Meetings
2nd Tuesday of the month, 2:30-4:00 pm HAH

Focus of Workgroup
- Influence public policy by providing education and information to legislators and key stakeholders on the nursing shortage and advocating for solutions
- Address the nursing shortage issues in long term care and home care including workforce capacity to meet the needs of the geriatric population

Goals of Workgroup
- Update and publish annual fact sheets
- Prepare legislative agenda and strategy

Update on Projects
- Fact sheet updated and published, 2004, 2005, 2006

- Participated in Legislative Briefing, January 2007

- Provided education and testimony to the legislature and key stakeholders
- Awarded RWJ/NWHF Grant for “Hawai’i Partners In Nursing:  Addressing Recruitment and Retention in Long Term Care”



Dates of Meetings
4th Tuesday of the month, 3:30-5:00 pm, UHSONDH

Focus of Workgroup
- Identify and facilitate best practices in the workplace environment

Goals of Workgroup
- Develop and provide leadership training
- Identify initiative(s) to support staff

Update on Projects
- Leadership Training provided to 40 charge nurses from acute care hospitals statewide as a pilot project in April, 2007


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